TECHSERV delivers and specializes on the following services:


Based on the physical resource requirements of the City/Provincial Development Plan, a new Physical Development Framework Plan can be formulated based on the vision and strategic goals and objectives of the governing board.

Policies, plans, programs and studies for each of the sectors which have impacts on the physical development of the city/province or will require physical resources will be highlighted.


Technical assistance to national development agencies and local governments, in the areas of water resources planning and management and technical studies on hydrology, surface and groundwater assessments, watershed characterization, water quality assessment, groundwater modeling, and simulation studies for flooding and drainage, irrigation and water supply.


Through the years, Mapúa Techserv has provided its expertise and resources to both the private and government sectors in the conduct of Hydrological/Simulation Exercises and Flood Mitigation Studies required in the implementation of LGU policies on climate change mitigation and disaster risk reduction, and data collection, analysis and presentation on water flows and patterns using the ridge to reef approach to water resources management and flood mitigation for a specific province, municipality or city.


As part of disaster risk reduction plans, the conduct of Disaster Preparedness Training Seminars for barangay leaders and municipal officials can be a major undertaking of the Office of the Governor in collaboration with the elected Representatives in Congress. Mapúa Techserv provides technical assistance in capacity building for LGUs and selected communities including the conduct of Disaster Preparedness Training for barangay leaders with mobilization of support and participation of local civil society organizations and private local clubs.


One of our management services, the Energy Efficiency Audit is being conducted to assess the energy efficiency performance of a specific office building, production plant, or group of client-owned/managed properties for purposes of determining what energy conservation measures can be undertaken by the client company and enable company management to increase its generation of cost savings from energy consumption in operations.

The results of this audit will translate into hundreds of thousands of pesos when computed cumulatively aon an annual basis or even millions of cost savings depending on the size and number of properties to be covered by the study.


Techserv assists both the private and government sectors in the conduct of comprehensive studies required in the implementation of major projects with perceived impacts on the natural environment such as water, air, odor and noise and on relevant socio-economic concerns. The preparation of an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) study for high impact projects or Initial Environmental Examination (IEE) for small industrial/business projects is one of the requirements for the application of environmental clearance from the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) for a newly approved project.of both public and private entities.


The Mapúa Techserv, Inc. is pioneering in development of customized robot and offers other applications. Applications, if customized, may include, i.) As rover to hard to reach areas such as drainage system, caves, collapsed building in rescue operations; ii.) As a survey device in caves to measure distance, in toxic hazardous areas to measure toxicity, nuclear radiation and to collect samples in mining exploration, etc;; iii.) As a Loading device to carry toxic chemicals, dangerous/hazardous areas – toxic chemical, nuclear, threat ; and iv) bomb disposal/ building security operations in office buildings, shopping malls, and other public spaces.