The track record provided herein refers to the contracts entered into by the company and not based on the individual capacity of the members of the Mapúa team or the company’s owner or key personnel.

Enhancement of Forestry
Information System


Comprehensive Organization Review,
Performance Audit, Assessment


Industry Career Guides (ICG’s)
Shipbuilding, Renewable Energy,
Power and Utilities

Information Management System
Enhancement Project


MAC Robot for Bomb Disposal


Local Economic Development
Information Program

National Framework Plan for Cagayan Valley
Within the Sierra Madre Biodiversity Corridor

Philippine Office

Master Plan and Feasibility
Flood Control and Drainage Systems


Technical Assistance Services for Extension
of Approved Environment Compliance
Certificate (ECC)


Survey on Concrete Pipe System
Glorietta Ayala Land, Makati City


Web Hosting Service


Website Design and Development


Dynamic Website Design


Date of Contract Name of Client Brief Project Description Status/ Date of Completion
  Department of Labor and Employment Industry Career Guides (ICG’s) Shipbuilding, Renewable Energy,Power and Utilities

Mapua Techserv recently signed a Memorandum of Agreement with the the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) for consulting services for the preparation of the Third Batch of Industry Career Guides (ICGs) for Emerging Industries: Shipbuilding, Renewable Energy and Power and Utilities.
Notice to proceed was issued last February 25, 2015
  Forest Management Bureau Enhancement of Forestry Information System

The Forest Management Bureau (FMB) of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources proclaimed Mapua Techserv as the highest rated and most responsive bidder for its procurement of “Consultancy Services for the Enhancement of the Forestry Information System (e-FIS) Project” with the MOA signing last December 13, 2013.
Signed last December 13, 2013
  National Commission for Culture and the Arts Comprehensive Organization Review, Performance Audit, Assessment

The project is called “Organizational Review, Performance Audit and Assessment” for the National Commission for Culture and the Arts (NCCA) located at Intramuros. This is a 12-month project for an approved budget cost of P3.6 Million. MTI remained as the single standing bidder since its opponent failed to submit its required eligibility docs.
The technical and financial bids are expected to be submitted on May 14.
  Maritime Training Council, Department of Labor and Development (DOLE) MTC Information Management System Enhancement

Commissioned work given by the Development Academy of the Philippines on Certificate Graduate Records Management for Seafarers. Due to the COA rules, the contract could not be granted to Techserv being a private firm; thus we had to make DAP as lead proponent
Completed May 2011
  Local Economic Development Information Program (LIP) Canadian Urban Institute and LGSP-Local Government Academy of DILG

Won this project in a bidding by the Canadian Urban Institute funded by CIDA and Local Government Academy
Completed from January 16 to November 2012
  A Japanese Engineering Firm EE English Language Course Program (Techserv in collaboration with MIT-ELC and School of EE; and referred by a partner, Fujino Consulting of Tokyo)

A 24-day course on English proficiency and EE Technical terms for non-English speaking engineers first piloted for Kandenko Co. Ltd of Japan
Completed as a pilot course from May 24 to June 6, 2012
  Pilipinas EcoFiber, Province of Laguna Social Compliance Audit

A requirement in the USA for those Filipino exporters/suppliers
Completed in March 2012
  Equipment and Property Inventory Management A joint undertaking of Techserv and Center for Urban Management and Environment: Phase I –Equipment Inventory and Phase II-Property Invty. Control (To be offered to big private firms and government corporations: Coverage: HQ and NCR) Preliminary discussions conducted and draft project proposal submitted for review by the client.
  MIT and YGC member companies Energy Efficiency Performance Contracting Program

Consists of initial energy audit, formulation of comprehensive set of measures and long-term monitoring and verification for the purpose of generating savings from energy consumption
A walk - through has been conducted for the RCBC Plaza Twin Towers; proposal for submission by review by top management
  Big companies in top 1000 Automation of Performance Management Systems (PMS) and other Human Resource Information Mgmt. Systems

Consists of systems analysis and program development for computerized PMS for the purpose of systems efficiency improvement and waste minimization
Project team organized; product/service flyer to be prepared; open for marketing
  Japanese firms based in Tokyo Special English Language for Mechanical & IT Engineers

Designed for 10-20 learners this 30-day course will be conducted in Manila to service requirement of a Japanese company based in Tokyo.
Proposal being finalized for approval by the client and contract signing.
  World Health Organization Re Formulation of National Roadmap and Report on Situation of Health Care Waste Management (HCWM)

Survey of 200 hospitals and intensive interview of 9 hospitals;Consutantion workshops for roadmapping of HCWM
Proposal submitted on time to WHO via email on 8/07/12 and hard copy on 8/10/12.
  Pollution Control Officers of private firms. Pollution Control Officers Course

This course is coordinated with EMB regional offices of DENR. It will offered as a 4-day public course offering to be submitted for approval by EMB of DENR Central Office.
Course designing by YCV and for submission to DENR for accreditation/ endorsement of the course.
  Provincial LGU of Laguna with 26 municipalities, 4 cities and 674 barangays Provincial Tourism Governance Program

This is designed to assist Provincial LGUs in the implementation of the Tourism Act of 2009, including:
1) Preparing the Tourism development plan and setting up a planning database
2) Preparing a Tourism Master Plan for Laguna
3) Setting up the tourism enterprise zone
Already reviewed by the Provincial planning officer and recommended to the Gov that a meeting for Techserv presentation to the Governor. Schedule mtg is September 3.
  January 15, 2010 to February 2011 Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) through Proconsult Engineers Co. Project Title: Consulting Services for the Conduct of Master Plan and Feasibility Study of Flood Control and Drainage Projects of Selected River Basins Nationwide

Preparation of hydrological study as a component of the master plan per river basin was outsourced to Techserv. Project sites included the provinces of Zamboanga, South Cotobato and Davao.
Completed in Feb. 2011
Jan-June 2010 Public Offering – LGUs and Water Districts in collaboration with the Center for Urban Management and Environment, Inc. Project Title: International Strategic Sanitation Planning Course

Techserv is offering a series of international courses on environmental governance. On June 2010, Techserv conducted the International Strategic Sanitation Planning Course which offered concrete tools for concerned local government units to use information effectively, plan and program their investments in sanitation infrastructure, and enhance decision making processes in the implementation of sanitation plans and programs.

The course also provided an opportunity for provincial, city and municipal officers to review and look at how they can work together with private engineering professionals and communities in drawing up and implementing sanitation programs and strategies. It also provided information services on sanitation and environmental technologies and services, including institutional company programs.
Completed as of June 30, 2010
6 months contract Ayala Land Inc. Project Title: Drainage System Study

The goal of the project is to locate and map concrete pipe system and surface drains in the designated points and to assess ways to inexpensively improve these systems. Specifically, the project aims to
Completed as of July 2009
6 months contract Ayala Land Inc. Project Title: Drainage System Study

The goal of the project is to locate and map concrete pipe system and surface drains in the designated points and to assess ways to inexpensively improve these systems. Specifically, the project aims to

  1. Document physical condition of existing concrete pipe system with a total length of 381m
  2. Provide visual documentation of the inside condition of concrete pipe system at various designated points
  3. Determine and document any piping system connected to the system of concrete pipes being surveyed
  4. Correlate the findings and observations on the system of concrete pipes to the existing as built plans
Completed as of July 2009
March 2006 (3 months contract) Landev Corporation Project Title: Preparation of the Initial Environmental Examination (IEE)

This project included the i.) Acquisition of Environmental Compliance Certificate (LC), ii.) LLDA Clearance (LC), iii.) EGGAR, Permit to Operate (PO) – ESI and Discharge Permit.
Completed as of August 2006
6 months contract Asian Nickel Research and Technology Project Title: Geotechnical Investigation for the Nickel Heap Leach Pilot Pad, Acoje Heap Leach Demonstration Project

The project involved gathering secondary data and field work to obtain engineering geologival data and collection of soil samples from outcrops and test pits. Also test pit data generation, laboratory analyses and geotechnical zoning of soils, map generation and final report writing
Completed as of September 30, 2008
6 months Ten Knots Philippines, Inc for Arup Philippines Project Title: Hydrological and Drainage Study for El Nido, Palawan

Ten Knots Philippines Inc has expanded its development of its Eco-tourism Leisure Resort in El Nido, Palawan. TKPI has appointed Ove Arup and Partners Ltd (Philippine Branch) as the consultant to conduct hydrologic and upcoming expansion of eco-friendly resort project. The following are the objective of the project: 1) undertake hydrologic and drainage studies of the nearest waterways in the project area and determine its effect within its immediate vicinity, estimating the design flood discharges of the rivers and creeks at critical points relative to the projects; 2) to be able to come up with appropriate site elevations and determine the design rainfall of the project to be used as a criteria for site grading and drainage design; 3) to be able to determine recommended limits of the building area, flood elevations and drainage divide in Master ad Site Development Planning and 4) to come up with the most appropriate drainage and flood control system for the project.
September 2008–March 2009
May 1, 2009- June 15, 2009 Conservation International Philippines (CIP) Project Title: Assessing the Costs and Tradeoffs of a Major Sub-National Framework Plan of the Cagayan Valley Region within the Sierra Madre Biodiversity Corridor

Provided support to compiling data for hydrological and watershed analyses. Specifically delivered the following outputs:

  • Summary report of hydrological and watershed data used for the analysis
  • Profile of the rainfall, runoffs and temperature data and pattern at a specified duration of time for specific watersheds (e.g. maps of isohyetal rainfall and temperature, and streamflow patterns along particular rivers of the watersheds)
  • Rainfall run-offs patterns demonstrated either with graphs or volumetric results overtime
  • Estimated hydrological streamflow pattern map of the Quirino province river basin using secondary information and rainfall run-off model for rapid hydrological and water balance assessment
  • Vulnerability index map shortage and inundation
  • Map of sources of nonpoint-source pollution from settlement, agriculture and mining; and erosion potential mapping and routing to estimate downstream sedimentation
September 2008–March 2009
3 months contract Pungkut, Nothern Sumatra, Indonesia Involved in the study of the hydrology and watershed analyses in Pungkut, Northern Sumatra, Indonesia. The regional climate and rainfall patterns were analysed and the rainfall-runoff relationship for the study area was established in order to determine the design flood discharge. Completed as of July 2010

Information Technology and Website Management

Date of Contract Name of Client Brief Project Description Status/ Date of Completion
Nov. 2010 to Sep 2011 Maritime Training Council (MTC) of the Department of Labor and Employment Project Title: MTC Information Management Systems Enhancement

Technical assistance to the Office of the Executive Director in the review and enhancement of the Certificate and Graduate Records Management Systems (CGRMS).
September 2011
6 months contracts Great Pacific Life Assurance Company (GREPALIFE Insurance) Project Title: Website Design and Development.

Development of overall design and layout of the website, development of a database for the website for dynamic access, development of the business model and scripting for the content management system (CMS) to enable the client to update the website without opening the source files.
December 2006
6 months United Nations Population Fund Project Title: Dynamic website design, development, and maintenance.

Delivered the following components and services: domain registration, search engine registration, graphic and animation, links, database system, security feature, FAQ page, rotating images, submit comments/questions/ requests, uploading of files for administrators, newsletter formatting, etc.
December 15,2005
2 years contract Philippine Association of Colleges and Universities Commission on Accreditation (PACUCOA) Web Hosting Service for Philippine Association of Colleges and Universities Commission on Accreditation (PACUCOA November 2004 – December 2006